Bowl 3″


Traditional 1 Ceramika Artystyczna

3.4″ x 3,4″ x 1.2″

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This small bowl 3.4″ bowl is from Ceramika Artystyczna of Boleslawiec, Poland. This cute little bowl has a scalloped edge on top facing upward. A wonderful holder for rings and jewelry. The perfect small gift with a big impact. Also use for ketchup or for separating spices while cooking. Holds 3 oz. Use your Polish Pottery. It is meant to be used. Polish Pottery Just Makes You Happy!

Use/Care for Polish Pottery Stoneware
• Use in the microwave, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher
• Certified to bake up to 450 degrees
Preheat Oven
• Use oven mitts
No drastic temperature swings such as:
• Do not put a hot dish into a sink full of water!
• Do not put a cold dish into the hot oven or microwave!
• Do not put a hot dish on a cold counter top!
• Do not wipe a hot dish with a cold rag!
• Do not add cold liquid to a hot baker in oven void of liquid!
Do not put pottery on direct heat source such as:
• Do not put on stove top burner or griddle!
• Do not put under broiler!
Dimensions 4.8 × 4.8 × 2.09 in

Ceramika Artystyczna


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