Grain Tower Container with Lid 14 Cups Unikat

Grain Tower Container with Lid 14 Cups Unikat


Unikat U3

Ceramika Artystyczna

4.75″ x 4.75″ x 12.75″|14.75″  V-2.5 qt/14 cups

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This tall container is from Ceramika Artystyczna of Boleslawiec, Poland.  The is a fun container to add to your Polish Pottery collection. A grain tower for dry products like cereal, oatmeal, grains and pasta. The lid will help to keep the moisture out.  Lid is grooved on the underside so lid has a nice fit and will not slide off. Use your Polish Pottery. It is meant to be used. Polish Pottery Just Makes You Happy!


2.5 qts, 14-inch


Ceramika Artystyczna


Green Wreath U4655


U3 Pattern CA, Unikat Signature


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